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Self-hypnosis, to be able to feel refreshed and relaxed. Restful sleep. Creative ideas. Recovery from operations and sports injuries; easier childbirth. Improve your game of golf. Hypnotherapy is also used to give efficient, lasting change for many problems and fears. Such as:


Smoking cessation



Fear of flying

Public speaking

Confidence and self-esteem

Habits and compulsions

Insomnia and nightmares

Improved athletic performance


Effects of traumatic experiences

Loss and bereavement


Guilt and anger

Pain control


Stress and anxiety



Motivation and concentration

Examination nerves


Fear of dental or hospital treatment

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy:
What is hypnosis? Neuro-linguistics (NLP)?

How does hypnotherapy work? Why use hypnotherapy ?
What is involved? Will it give me what I want?
What if I used self-hypnosis to make changes in my life?
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Hypnosis for air travel: www.flyingrelaxed.co.uk

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